Saturday, January 19, 2008

For Baby: Truck Pillow

My baby's room has been a true struggle for me to decorate. I waited so long with my first baby that when I got around to picking colors and themes he was old enough (almost 2) to start telling me what he wanted. Well, this baby, doesn't talk as much even though he's only a few months behind where his brother was when his brother picked... drum roll, please... John Deere.
But this baby is obsessed with cars. And I was smitten by a line in the Cars movie by Mater, "What's wrong with rusty old cars." So, that's what happened, I found some rusty looking cars stuff and painted the room the same color as rust. But the bedding has been a challenge.

Finally I just decided to draw a truck, cut it out of "wool" flannel, and stitch it together. I'm glad I did. I was attempting to kinda match the pillowcases I had found on clearance at Pottery Barn for Kids (seen in the background), but I wanted to make it look even older. I say "wool" because that is what it was called at the fabric store in Indiana, but when I touched it with a hot iron it immediately melted onto my iron. Wow, that was a joyful moment. Anyone know who to clean melted acrylic off iron?
I opted for raw edge applique because I love it. But I find now that it's finished that the boys might like playing with this pillow so I probably should have picked something a bit more sturdy. Oh well. I can always make another.
In addition to the truck pillow I also painted this dumb little initial. I'm not a great distress painter or anything. But I like that it adds to the charm of the room. Now to find some old license plates. I have an idea for the valance.

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Elle said...

So talented and so creative. I'm amazed.